The General Council for the Strategic Plan
Thematic Committees
The Council of Experts for the Strategic Plan
Project Office for the Strategic Plan for St. Petersburg




V.A. Yakovlev - Governor of St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg City Administration

I.Yu. Artemiev First Vice-Governor, Chairman of Committee for Finance
I.I. Klebanov First Vice-Governor, Chairman of Committee for Economics and Industrial Policy
V.N. Scherbakov First Vice-Governor
Yu.V. Antonov Vice-Governor
G.O. Gref Vice-Governor, Chairman of Property Committee
V.L. Loktionov Vice-Governor, Chairman of Committee for Construction
V.I. Malyshev Vice-Governor
V.P. Yakovlev Vice-Governor, Chairman of Committee for Culture
V.V. Yatsuba Vice-Governor, Director of the Office of the Governor of St. Petersburg
A.S. Baev Director of Department of Protection of the Environment
G.I. Voeykov Chairman of Committee for Housing Policy
D.V.Gordo Chairman of Land Committee
A.A. Yevstrakhin Chairman of Committee for Improvement of Public Utilities and for Road Maintenance
A.A. Ivanov Director of Department of Justice
A.S. Klimenko. Chairman of Committee for Housing Maintenance
D.N. Kozak Chairman of Legal Committee
A.N. Nadirov Chairman of Committee for Tourism and Development of Resorts
O.G. Saveliev Chairman of the Representative Office of the City of St. Petersburg Before the Russian Federation and the City of Moscow
G.I. Tkachev Chairman of Committee for Foreign Relations
A.I. Tregubov Chairman of Committee for Energy and Engineering Works
O.A. Kharchenko Chairman of Committee for City-Planning and Architecture
A.I. Chumak Chairman of Transport Committee
N.I. Yaveyn Chairman of Committee for the State Control, Use and Preservation of Historical and Cultural Monuments

Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg

Yu.A. Kravtsov Chairman
S.M. Mironov First Deputy-Chairman
N.G. Ananov Delegate
S.Yu. Andreev Delegate
M.P. Amosov Delegate
Yu.P. Gladkov Delegate
N.L. Yevdokimova Delegate
L.P. Romankov Delegate
K.N. Serov Delegate

Federal Agencies

A.E. Andreev Manager, Pension Fund
V.V. Begma Executive Director, Fund for Compulsory Medical Insurance
A.N. Belonogov Director, Baltic Customs
N.G. Bespalov Chairman, St. Petersburg State Statistical Committee
V.S. Bobryshev Commander-in-chief, Leningrad Military District
S.A. Vasiliev First Deputy to the Director of the Office of the Government of the Russian Federation
V.A. Zubkov Director, St. Petersburg State Tax Inspectorate
O.V. Kolomychenko Director, St. Petersburg Regional Department of the StateAnti-Monopoly Committee
A.L. Kudrin First Deputy to the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation
V.A. Lopatnikov Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in St. Petersburg
Yu.G. Pognaev Director, the Maritime Administration of the Port of St. Petersburg
G.S. Poltavchenko Director, St. Petersburg Department of the Federal Tax Police of the Russian Federation
A.V. Ponidelko Director, Chief Department of Home Affairs for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region
N.A. Savinskaya Director, Directorate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for St. Petersburg
G.V. Slabikov Director, Regional Agency of the Federal Department for Insolvency and Bankruptcy
A.K. Frolov Chairman, Committee for Protection of the Environment andNatural Resources for St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region
S.A. Tsyplyaev Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg
D.S. Cherneyko Chairman, Committee for Employment in St. Petersburg under the Ministry of Labor and Social Development of the Russian Federation
V.A. Shamakhov Director, North-West Customs Department
A.Sh.Shamuzafarov Deputy Chairman, State Committee for Construction and Housing Policy

St. Petersburg Delegates to the State Duma

A.G. Golov
O.G. Dmitrieva
B.A. Moiseev
Yu.M. Nesterov
S.M. Nikiforov
Yu.K. Sevenard
G.V. Starovoytova
P.B. Shelisch
A.V. Shishlov

Government of the Leningrad Region

V.A. Gustov Governor of Leningrad Region
S.P. Susekov First Vice-Governor, First Deputy Chairman of the Government
V.N. Goloschapov. Vice-Governor, Deputy Chairman of the Government
G.V. Dvas Chairman, Committee for Economics and Investment

Business Community

A.A. Abramov General Director, Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor (Department Store)
A.N. Aladushkin Chairman of the Board, Lenstroymaterialy Investment and Financial Group
V.N. Aleksandrov General Director, Metrostroy
V.L. Aleksandrov General Director, Admiralty Shipyard
S.P. Alekseev General Director, LenExpo
E.Ya. Barkov General Director, Lomonosov Porcelain Factory
A.P. Bilichenko General Director, Maritime Port of St. Petersburg
T.K. Bolloev General Director, Baltika Brewery
V.L. Botolevsky General Director, VMB
L.N. Viysotsky General Director, Farmakon
S.Yu Vyazalov General Director, Lenergo
Yu.V. Golovin Chairman of the Board, Petrovsky Design Bureau
V.M. Golman President, St. Petersburg Union of Construction Companies (Soyuzpetrostroy)
Yu.N. Gorlin General Director, Gorelektrotrans
I.V. Gorynin Managing Director, Prometey Research and Engineering Institute
V.A. Goryugin Manager, St. Petersburg Metropolitan Railway
A.M. Datsyuk General Director, Passazhiravtotrans
B.G. Demchenko General Director, Pulkovo Airport
A.A. Yegorov General Director, Turbine-Blade Factory
A.A. Zaytsev Managing Director, Oktyabrskaya Railway
F.V. Karmazinov General Director, St. Petersburg Vodokanal
V.I. Kogan Chairman, Supervisory Board of Promstroybank
A.P. Korolev General Director, Almaz
V.M. Larin General Director, St. Petersburg Fuel and Energy Complex
A.E. Lovyagin Chairman of the Board of Directors, Baltysky Bank
Yu.I. Lvov Chairman of the Board, Bank St. Petersburg
Yu.V. Molchanov Chairman of the Board, Business-Link
A.N. Nesis General Director, IST
V.V. Okrepilov General Director, Test St. Petersburg
D.V. Pankin Chairman of the Board, St. Petersburg Commercial Bank for Reconstruction and Development
N.V. Pevtsov General Director, St. Petersburg Long-Distance Telephone
Yu.E. Rydnik President, Balt-Oneksimbank
Yu.A. Saveliev General Director, Samson
P.G. Semenenko. General Director, Kirovsky Zavod
D.V. Sergeev Chairman of Board of Directors, St. Petersburg Chamber of Financial Industrial Investment
V.A. Smirnov General Director, St. Petersburg Fuel Company
I.D. Spassky General Director, Rubin Design and Engineering Bureau
V.P. Stryapin. General Director, Zavod SPU
V.A. Sychev Chairman of the Board, Arsenal Plant Manufacturing Factory
E.S. Tiktinsky General Director, RBI Construction Company
V.I. Tulaev General Director, High-Speed Railway Line
R.A. Urusov General Director, Elektrosila
D.N. Filippov Chairman of the Board, Council of Bankers and Industrialists
N.V. Tsarkova General Director, Bolshevichka
V.A. Shorin Chairman, St. Petersburg Bank of "Savings Bank of Russia"
O.B. Shulyakovsky General Director, Baltic Shipyard
V.N. Yashin General Director, St. Petersburg Telephone Network

Business Associations

S.A. Balanev General Director, St. Petersburg Business Development Foundation
S.Yu. Vetlugin Managing Director, Petroleum Club of St. Petersburg; Director, Center for State Licensing at the Committee for Energy and Engineering Works
A.V. Vlasov Managing Director, Russian Technological Foundation
G.I. Vlasov General Director, Association of Manufacturing Industries
V.A. Gnevko President, Association of Non-Governmental Higher-Education Institutions
V.V. Dzhikovich President, Association of Commercial Banks of St. Petersburg
D.A. Karpov President, St. Petersburg Association of Stock-Market Participants
S.N. Kirakozov General Director, Association of Exporters of High-Technology Products
V.P. Koveshnikov President, Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
A.A. Makarov President, Association of Realtors of St. Petersburg
N.V. Sivach General Director, St. Petersburg Association of Joint Ventures
A.A. Smirnov President, St. Petersburg Foundation for the Development of the Real-Estate Market
A.A. Fursenko General Director, Regional Fund for Scientific and Technological Development in St. Petersburg
A.V. Chistoserdov President, St. Petersburg Chamber of Trade and Industry
K.M. Sharshakov General Director, Union of Road Carriers and Forwarders

Institutions of Higher Education, Cultural and Scientific Institutions, Mass Media, Public Organizations

Zh.I. Alferov President, St. Petersburg Scientific Center at the Russian Academy of Science; Delegate to the State Duma of the Russian Federation
G.A. Bordovsky Rector, Hertzen Russian State Pedagogical University
Yu.S. Vasiliev President, St. Petersburg Technical University
L.A. Verbitskaya. Rector, St. Petersburg State University
V.A. Gergiev Chief Conductor, Artistic Director, Academic Mariinsky Theater
D.A. Granin Writer
V.G. Gronsky Editor-in-chief, Vecherny Peterburg (newspaper)
V.A. Gusev Managing Director, State Russian Museum
V.N. Zaytsev Managing Director, Russian National Library
I.A. Karelina. General Director, Leontief Center
V.N. Kiselev Managing Director, House of Creative Activity for Young People
S.M. Klimov Chairman of the Board, St. Petersburg Organization of the "Znanie" Society
I.I. Kostylev Rector, Makarov State Maritime Academy
O.S. Kuzin Editor-in-chief, Sankt-Peterburgskie Vedomsti (newspaper)
A.S. Kushner Poet
E.I. Makarov Chairman, Federation of Independent Trade Unions of St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region
E.V. Mamontova President, St. Petersburg Public Foundation "Our City"
A.Yu. Manilova Editor-in-chief, Nevskoe Vremya (newspaper)
A.I. Mkhaylushkin Rector, St. Petersburg State Engineering and Economic Academy
B.M. Petrov President, St. Petersburg 5th Channel (TV company)
M.B. Piotrovsky Director, State Hermitage
V.V. Popov Chairman, St. Petersburg Branch of the Union of Architects of Russia
V.E. Romanov Chairman, Council of Rectors
I.P. Sautov Managing Director, State Museum Tsarskoe Selo
I.A. Sidorov Chairman, St. Petersburg Union of Journalists
V.E. Spiro Chairman, Coordination Council for Science and Technology
L.S. Tarasevich Rector, St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance
Yu.Kh. Temirkanov Artistic Director, Philharmonic Society
V.A. Chernushenko Rector, St. Petersburg Conservatory
M.M. Chulaki Writer; Chairman, Union of Writers of St. Petersburg
B.M. Firsov Rector, European University in St. Petersburg

Executive Secretary to the Council

L.E. Limonov - Project Director, Strategic Plan for St. Petersburg